Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Rule & Regulation

Please read the following rules if you’re living in the following states before placing the order. Please be aware that your order that contained flavored vaping products may be cancelled without any notice due to the new vaping regulation in your states/cities. 

We’ve summarized the Emergency Regulation of known states that banned the flavored vaping products. Even though some states haven't banned flavored vaping products, there are some cities released their own regulation, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. As more states/counties/cities are banning flavored vaping products, this page is continue updating every time we have more information. 

New York

These rules take effect on Oct. 4, 2019 and shall remain in effect for 90 days. The Governor of New York is expected to renew the ban every 90 days.

Compliance Requirements: 

Small businesses must comply with the proposed regulation by not engaging in any possession, manufacturing, distribution, sale, or offer of sale of flavored e-liquids. The Local governments must comply by enforcing the proposed regulations as they are part of the State Sanitary Code.


Although retailers will still be able to sell e-cigarette devices and unflavored, menthol or tobacco flavored e-liquid, the prohibition on flavored e-liquids is prohibited. The flavored e-liquids including fruit flavors (apple, cherry, peach, melon, strawberry), dessert flavors (vanilla custard, peanut butter cup, cream cookie, milk ‘n honey), candy flavors (cinnablaze, bubblerazz, mango burst, caramel), and others. The list continues to gain. 


The Regulation takes on Oct. 4, 2019. After that point, a violation of any provision of this Subpart is subject to all civil and criminal penalties as provided for by law. For purposes of civil penalties, each individual container or other separate unit of flavored e-liquid, product containing the same, or any component part that imparts flavor to an e-cigarette, that is possessed, manufactured, distributed, sold, or offered for sale, shall constitute a separate violation under this Subpart.

Read the full Emergency Regulation


These rules take effect on Oct. 2, 2019 and shall remain in effect for 180 days. The Governor of New York is expected to renew the ban every 180 days.

 Rule 1. Defination

 (a) “Characterizing flavor” means a taste or aroma, other than the taste or aroma of tobacco, imparted either prior to or during consumption of a tobacco product or any byproduct produced from the tobacco product. This includes, but is not limited to, tastes or aromas relating to food or drink of any sort; menthol; mint; wintergreen; fruit; chocolate; vanilla; honey; candy; cocoa; dessert; alcoholic beverages; herbs; or spices. 

(b) “Flavored vapor product” means any vapor product that imparts a characterizing flavor. 

(c) “Flavored alternative nicotine product” means any alternative nicotine product that imparts a characterizing flavor.

(d) “Retailer” means any person or body that operates a business engaging in the sale of vapor products or alternative nicotine products. 

Rule 2. Compliance Requirements

(1) A retailer shall not sell, offer for sale, give, transport, or otherwise distribute, nor possess with intent to sell, give, or otherwise distribute, a flavored vapor product, or flavored alternative nicotine product. 

(2) A retailer shall not sell, offer for sale, give, transport, or otherwise distribute a flavored vapor product or flavored alternative nicotine product via the use of imagery explicitly or implicitly representing a characterizing flavor.

(3) A person shall not transport a flavored vapor product or flavored alternative nicotine product intended for delivery to a retailer in violation of these rules. 

Rule 5. 

These rules apply equal force to retailers and resellers utilizing online and other remote sales methods that are intended to deliver flavored nicotine vapor products to this state.

Rule 7. Penities

A person who violets any provision of these rules is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 6 months, or a fine not more than $200, or both.

Read the full Emergency Rule


A temporary four-month statewide ban on the sale of flavored and non-flavored vaping products in both retail stores and online. The sales ban applies to all vaping products and devices, including tobacco. The ban takes effect immediately and lasts through January 25, 2020.

Rhode Island

The executive order to Department of Public Health to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. This order will be effective as early as 9/30/2019. The ban will last for 120 says. After that, there is 60 days extension for the ban. More details are coming after the executive order takes effective.


Washington is the fourth state that banned flavored vaping products. The ban will be effective on Mid-Oct, 2019. Afterward, sale of flavored vaping products is prohibited for 120 days. The ban may be extended after that.