About Us

VProCity, a California-based company founded in 2014, that's here to provide you the best vaping products on the market, with the use of our complete dedication to offering you the quality service you deserve.  We've served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and we are continuing to serve more. 

We only pick the best and worthy items to offer on our website. By best and worthy, we mean the ones that in our opinion have the top-notch performance, adopt unique or revolutionary designs but yet come at a great price.  We believe not all electronic cigarettes are created equal and we should do the due-diligence for you.  Our in-house experts constantly conduct thorough product research and perform careful tests with attention to details. We did so for all price ranges, all user levels and all product segments. Whether you are looking for a high end mod or a budget starter kit, you can shop with 100% confidence.

We offer the best price on the market because of our efficient operations. Besides our close relationships with the top brands in industry to gain supply advantages, we fully adopted the efficiency-boosting technologies out there for every possible segment of ecommerce operations. It enables us to scale while keeping our operation cost low. The savings eventually pass to our customers.

We take shipping methods and dispatch times very seriously. When you buy online, you shouldn't have to wait long and you shouldn't have to over-pay for high shipping prices!  (Please see our full shipping policy for details.)

We care about our customers and we stand behind our products. Therefore we have a knowledgeable customer service team to answer any questions you may have prior to and after your purchase. Also our return and warranty policy will protect you from any manufacturer defectives. (Please see the full return & warranty policy for details.)

Vaping saves lives and we understand how such a beneficial factor for public health must be available without hassle. We at Vprocity look forward to giving you the best online experience possible!