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The Best 3 Vape Tanks

The Best 3 Vape Tanks

For people that are new to vaping, the level of mechanisms working in unison to make the device work can be astounding. One of the most critical aspects of your vape is the tank. There are several tanks that you pick from; each tank has unique specifications. These unique specifications can add a different aspect to your vape devices.

The debate regarding which tank is the absolute best has been going on for a while now. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a vaping pro, all of us want the absolute best of the best. If you’re wondering what the absolute top tanks are money can buy, look no further this article has got you. This top three is not in any order, each of the vape tanks in question has their own benefits and costs.


The HorizonTech Falcon King Tank

With the release of the Falcon Tank, The Horizon Tech immediately knew they were on to something. People were in love with the tank and were raving about how it was revolutionizing the flavor game. HorizonTech isn’t resting on their laurels; however with Falcon King tank set to release this year.

The hypes around the Falcon King tank is very real. The King measures in at 25.4 mm, which is a slightly wider base than the last tank. Additionally, the tank has the capacity to hold a 4ml capacity of e-juice. The capacity increases to 6ml using the bubble glass. The newer model has a much smaller chimney as well.

The smaller chimney decreases the likelihood that leakage will occur. Furthermore, the newer Falcon King uses one of the easiest to use refilling systems in a tank. The top comes off incredibly quickly, revealing a large circle that is for filling. The next bit is a simple matter of letting the liquid fill in with any spilling. However, it is arguable that the most revolutionary part of the tank is the coil. The M1+ mesh coil is among the upper echelons of vape coils. The coil features a blend of bamboo fiber and cotton blend. The coil gives the Falcon King a flavor profile that almost no one can compete against. Additionally, the overall
design and build quality of the tank is just as impressive as some of the many features on offer.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank

Another tank that easily transcends the performance levels and capability one could expect from a vape tank is the FreeMax mesh pro. The Mesh pro clocks in at 25mm wide at the base, while offering 5ml of e-liquid capacity. The bubble tank allows for an additional 1 mL of capacity.

The tank has an incredible aesthetic design with colorful engraving all around the top and the base. Additionally, the tank is made from the highest quality materials. The tank also features a small chimney to reduce leakage.

Like the Falcon King, the most impressive aspect of the FreeMax Mesh pro was the Mesh Pro Replacement Coils that come with the tank. Although it may not compare to the mesh coil on the Falcon king, these coils provide for a spectacular vaping session. The tanks come with the option of 4 coils you can choose. The triple coils provide with the best vaping experience, providing an incredibly smooth and true flavor profile.

The triple mesh coils also have the best airflow in comparison to all the other coils that come with the Mesh pro. The only drawback of the Mesh pro is the particularly loud noise it makes when taking big hits.

The Uwell Crown 4 Tank

The crown represents Uwells flagship line, and the new crown 4 is subject to a significant design ramp. The tank is 26mm in diameter at its base. Like most modern vape tanks it has the capacity to hold 5mL of e-liquid, with the capacity to increase to 6mL using bubble glass. The construction of the tank is impressive to behold and uses stainless steel.

Additionally, Uwell has always been the no-nonsense vaping company, but the Crown 4 tank is definitely one of the more flamboyant entries. The tanks boast self-cleaning technology, meaning that you won’t have to hassle around with regularly cleaning the tank. A unique feature of the Uwell crown series many other tanks don’t offer the same feature.

When it comes to the Replacement coils the crown 4 lags a little bit behind both its competitors. However, the dual coils are arguably very impressive. Both coils come in a package deal with the tank and provide with absolutely great flavor. Furthermore, each coil lasts a good amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them out.

Uwell has always been a flavor first series which may prevent some of the smoke fiends out there from trying out the new tank. The new Uwell crown 4 looks to buck that trend. It offers some of the best vapors from the entire crown series. The only drawbacks with this tank are the gimmicky self-cleaning technology and Uwells odd decision to provide coils with no significant differences.

Best Of The Rest

Choosing what tank, you want to go with isn’t just in between these three. There are several other companies out there that offer some brilliant tanks as well. Here are a few alternative options that you can pick from if you don’t like what’s on offer above.

Sense Screen Mesh Tank

Offers some of the best flavors on the market and comes with triple coil mesh from the bat.

Geekvape Alpha Tank

If you’re into making supermassive clouds of vapor, then this is the tank for you.

Yihi Sxmini Hakutaku Tank

A slightly pricier option, but offers incredibly build quality along with great flavors.

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