Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod 0

A pod vape is the smallest vaping device available currently. Their ultra portability and cute designs make them incredibly popular among users. This article is all about comparing two of the most popular pod systems out there and concluding which one is the best.
Kohiba Tobacco Bundle

Kohiba Tobacco Bundle 0

To save your pockets against burning a hole, VproCity had come up with a bundled offer and is known as Kohiba – Tobacco Bundle, comprising of three mind-blowing flavors of Kustard, Blueberry, and Bourbon. Each of the eLiquds in the bundle is of 120ml, so you will get 360ml in total, quite a decent amount.
SMOK Mico Pod System Review

SMOK Mico Pod System Review 4

The days of e-liquid and vaping have continued to soar because with SMOK MICO pod kit you can have a blast, as you relieve that beautiful time of making a sweet smelling puff. It feels good in your mouth, it feels good when you take it into your lungs, and it sure feels good in the air.