Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK Mico Pod System Review

SMOK Mico Pod System Review

The days of e-liquid and vaping have continued to soar because with SMOK MICO pod kit you can have a blast, as you relieve that beautiful time of making a sweet smelling puff. It feels good in your mouth, it feels good when you take it into your lungs, and it sure feels good in the air.

Every vaping enthusiast seeks to enjoy full clouds of smoke and a very nice taste of it while at it. Different vaping pods provide somewhat unique features that provide customers with this need. However, having even more vaping enjoyment can be gotten when you try out products that add a little bit more to that simple process. Get to know more about this exclusive vaping pod in this review.


SMOK MICO is a durable Pod kit that provides an easy hold and grips vaping pod that you can utilize easily while enjoying vaping. This pod kit gives vaping a whole new level of ease and confidence. It comes with a 70 mAh battery, making it last-longing battery life. Composing of two replacement pods, it provides versatility to users and an easy handling design that makes it easy to hold. Because all vapers might need to take their stuff around, it’s easy to clip mechanism to keep your vaping kit at the side of waist or pocket to avoid damage makes this device a coveted one for every vaping enthusiast,


If you love vaping or have just switched from using cigarettes to e-cigars, choosing the best vaping kit like SMOK MICO would serve you right which great design mechanism and versatile composition to produce a durable and efficient vaping device.  Here are some of its benefits.

Designed for MLT

If you love MLT, then the SMOK MICO was designed just for you. Get an off the top Mouth to lungs experience with a pod designed just to give you that feeling. It mechanism makes it easy for you to collect much smoke in your mouth at one suck, also getting you to feel the taste of your vape liquid in your mouth. It gives a satisfying experience of vaping.

Easy to handle and use

SMOK MICO is one of the few vaping Pods that have user comfort and handling in mind, its starts from the sleek design that also aligns around the pods, to the switch mechanism which makes it easy for you to put on, even without looking.  The design is a thought-through process that makes handling this device very easy. It also provides a mechanism that makes it easy for you to fill up and charge your device.


Strong Battery life

With a 70 MAh battery, it provides a very competitive battery life when compared to other vaping devices. The battery doesn’t become weaker within a short time.  With a stronger battery, you can use your device for a longer period of time, when you have it fully charged. It makes vaping much more fun.


SMOK MICO comes with a 3 months warranty on any damage noticed that was not caused by your own mishandling. The warranty covers free repair within that period.

2 Pods available

The vaping device comes with 2 pods for vaping. One of the pods is for regular e-liquids, while the other for NIC salts. This makes it a more flexible device for any vaping enthusiast. It is easy to flip between e-liquid and Nicotine salt.



The features of the SMOK MICO, come together to make this device a worthwhile buy, with so many advantages for any user.

  • It is made of Zinc Alloy Material
  • 56.3*46.5*14.8mm in size
  • It has an e-liquid capacity of  1.7 ml
  • It has a Battery Capacity of 700 mAh
  • It features a Charger output of DC 5V 0.5A
  • It has an Output power of 10-26W
  • Its Output voltage is 3.0V-4.0V
  • An Input voltage of 3.3V-4.2V
  • Its Standby current is <200uA /<100 uA
  • It has a Charging current of 0.73A (MAX)
  • A Resistance range of  0.60 hm-2.00 hm

Customer satisfaction

SMOK MICO has gotten very positive reviews from customers.  Many users are very impressed with is easy to handle design and structure. The color and design on the device are also impressive. It gives the user a very simple and functional vaping device to use. It takes away all the clutter and provides a slip-through device, from when you need to carry it around to when you need to refill e-liquid unto the rushing feeling of enjoying a vape. It thoroughly provides all a vaping enthusiast needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SMOK MICO KIT.


  • It is easy to use
  • It provides designed for MLT
  • It comes with two Pods
  • It comes with a Clip hold
  • It has a sleek design


  • If you are feminine, you might not like the design

Common questions asked

  • How much liquid can the SMOK MICO pod kit contain?  It can contain up to 1.7ml.
  • Does the Pod kit come in different colors?  Yes, it comes in seven colors and you can choose any.
  • What if I use NIC salts within the Pod?  It actually comes with 2 pods, so you can use the pod which is designed for NIC salts.


There are a lot of features and composition that goes into making the perfect device for vaping. Putting together a strong device that can deliver, time to vape with quality and long lasting battery, a versatile 2 pod system with the capacity to hold more liquid and a design that makes it very easy to handle device no matter where you are.

The SMOK MICO provide an outstanding device that would not only last the vaping enthusiast for a good time but would also be money well worth spent every time he takes in a long vape and enjoy that sweet feeling.

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