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SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

A pod vape is the smallest vaping device available currently. Their ultra portability and cute designs make them incredibly popular among users. This article is all about comparing two of the most popular pod systems out there and concluding which one is the best.

Smok Mico Kit

The Smok Mico kit is one of the most popular pod systems out there. It’s one of the most eye-catching pod-style vapes out there. Some may go even as far as saying that the industry itself was stagnating before the release of the Mico kit.


Build Quality

Something that stands out immediately when you first notice the SMOK Mico kit is the manufacturing quality. Most companies that make small pod style vapes rely on using cheaper material, SMOK, however, are upping the game with the Mico kit. The Mico kit comes with a zinc alloy body that gives it an incredibly premium feel. Once you hold it in your hands you’ll see how nicely it suits them. Additionally, the zinc alloy body makes the Mico kit much sturdier than competitors of the same size.


One of the keys constraints of buying a small size vape is the lack of wattage on offer. There are no queries with the SMOK Mico in this regard as in spite of its size it has a lot of power.

Simply the fact that it has so much power when comparing it to other vape devices in class means that it regularly outperforms them. The flavor quality and vapor quality of the kit is second to none in its class size.

Additionally, the kits ships with two coils. The first coil is a standard 1.0ohm coil that gives you the basic vaping experience you would expect from a compact vape. The second coil that ships with the kit is much more interesting. The second kit is a 0.8 ohm rated mesh coil. The second coil ensures that the SMOK Mico is one of the most compact sub-ohm devices out there.

Furthermore, another aspect that aids its performances is how easy it is to use. The SMOK Mico uses a side-filling port that makes it much easier to refill your liquid. Additionally, there are no buttons on the SMOK Mico. It relies on an air activated sensor that fires up the minute you start to inhale. Not everyone is a fan of the air activated sensors. However, SMOK Mico does a great job by including an on/off switch. The on/off switch is something that was missing from the pod style devices.


SMOK in recent years is garnering a reputation for providing weak designs that simply don’t attract customers. The SMOK mico is here to vanquish that reputation. The device is gorgeous to look at and hold. Furthermore, it has great battery life and incredibly reliable performance. If you’re looking for a Pod style vape that’s portable and still has a decent amount of power, the Smok Mico is the vape for you.

The Mi-Pod

The Mi-pod takes ultra-portability to a whole other level. The device is small enough to fit entirely into the palm of your hand. A regular stick note is larger than this pod style vaping device. Apart from the power button and the USB charging port, there’s nothing else on the body of the Mi-Pod. The minimalistic design is incredibly appealing and the device looks adorable just sitting on a table.

To turn the device on you have press the power button rapidly 5 times. Furthermore, an LED indicator light tells you how much batter you have left. The novelty design and portability are all well and good.


Build Quality

Unlike the Smok Mico, the build quality on the Mi-Pod isn’t as impressive. The regular models use plastics and other cheap materials for the build. However, the option exists for you to buy Mi-pods with metal cases. The Metal ones feel much better in the hand and even have custom inscriptions on the bottom.

The metal case has its own drawbacks as well. It may look better and feel better than its plastic counterpart but is incredibly prone to fingerprints. Additionally, the metal casing is also at risk of getting scratches too easily.


While the build quality of the Mi-pod may not be impressive the performance certainly holds up better. Owing to its incredibly small size the Mi-Pod also relies on a draw activated sensor. Apart from that when you take a drag of the Mi-pod you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much vapor it produces. In spite of the fact that the coil gears the Mi-pod towards mouth to lung vaping, it still manages to produce a lot of smoke.

Furthermore, the coils soak up flavor incredibly well. The only drawback is the fact that Smoking Vapor doesn’t produce any different pods for the Mi-pod which is confusing because the device has a resistance range between 0.5 ohms to 3.5 ohms. In spite of its compact size, the Mi-pod still boats an airflow control option.

When it comes to portability nothing quite compares with the minuscule frame of the Mi-Pod. It’s small enough to fit into any of your pockets quite easily. It also has a fairly decent battery for something that is so tiny.

Smok Mico vs Mi-pod

When comparing these two devices it’s important to understand that both of them have different purposes. The Mi-Pod due to its absolutely minuscule size is more of a novelty product. The SMOK Mico is a product to buy if you’re looking to make your way into the world of vaping. When choosing one or the other it’s incredibly essential to understand your own needs. After that enjoy all the vaping you want.

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