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SMOK's 2-Step Product Authenticity Check - Vape101


Back in March of 2017 SMOK introduces its new anti-counterfeiting system mobile app called IVPS Tour; using two QR codes A and B and a mobile app that can be downloaded on IOS and Android. This was because the numerous amounts of counterfeit/clone products were affecting not only SMOK but the consumer as well. SMOK claims that this new method of anti-counterfeiting is 99% accurate, as SMOK's press release states in the link

How to do the 2-Step Authenticity Check? Please follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Download the IVPS Tour App (Version 2.2.1 or later)

It is a little tricky to download since the application is not directly available to download in the app store. Below is a link for downloading the application to your phone.


You can also scan the code to download the app.

Step 2: Open IVPS Tour App To Scan

  • Option 1: Click the  (scan symbol) on the home page
  • Option 2: Click the Tools page, then click Authentication to scan your product's code.

Step 3: Scan Code A

When scanning Code A, it will show four information:

  • The product name
  • "The current state of the product NOT activated
  • "The Product Code A has been scanned xx times."
  • A blue button " Activate the Product", you can click it to scan Code B

Step 4: Scan Code B

After scanning Code B, it will show:

  • The final result, "The product is authentic."
  • Adding an email to bind the product to make sure this product is owned by yourself.

Now, the Authenticity Check is done. You can exit the app and enjoy your device. Or, you can follow Step 5 to double-check the success of this Authenticity Check.

Step 5: Optional

Using another phone to scan Code A. It will still show pieces of information:

  • Product name
  • "The current state of the product Activated."
  • "Activation email address: ********@nnn.com" 

From here, you can see your email address attached to the product. 

Tip Of Verification:

1. Make sure to remove the coating complete, or the app may not read it correctly.
2. Make sure to upgrade the app to the latest version.

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Comments 4
  • Zulfahmi

    How can the product be original if the inside package can be replaced easily. Just take out the original package inside the box. Replace with fake occ inside the box. And sell it. The original box will give the authenticity to an original product.

  • Mariska

    Does the app verification authentication in south Africa, if so please assist on how to get this app, play store does not have it. Thank you

  • Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner

    Download and install the IVPS Tour app from the Google Play Store. Open the app,select explore on the menu icon in the upper left.Allow the app to have access. Then,when the scanner is activated, scan code A.If you are forwarded to the activate part,lightly remove the scratch off area,then scan code be. If you scan code A and receive a message indicating that it is not a Genuine Smok Product,then I would return the product to the purchase location. *Note: Sometimes the app scans the bar code,which may show a non authentic product. Make sure you are scanning the Code for authenticity, so that a correct result is provided. )
    I use this app and check the authenticity of all my Smok products and recommend IVPS Tour for assuring Authentic Smok Products.

  • m.lahham

    How do I make sure the product is genuine?

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