Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Shijin Vapor: The Ejuice Company To Look Out Today!

Shijin Vapor: The Ejuice Company To Look Out Today!

Earning An Elite Reputation

Shijin Vapor has been taking the nation by storm in these past months, first winning Best E-Liquid Product at ECC Ontario 2017 and then taking home the prize for Best E-Liquid Brand & Product at ECC Ontario 2018. On top of that, they just took home yet another award at the first ECC Midwest expo. This e-liquid company truly has been making waves across trade-shows and conventions worldwide, so it is definitely an e-juice company to look out for at your local vape shop or online.

Humble Beginnings

Shijin Vapor is a brand that was all started by Tony (the owner/president of the company) in San Jose, California. Tony was in the ejuice making business since day one and did not start the company for the fame or the money, since back then the vape industry was yet to be popularized. The founder was actually in a life or death situation from multiple diagnoses from his doctors, and he needed to make a big life change as soon as possible. He found vaping as the perfect alternative to cigarettes, but was not satisfied with any of the flavors and high nicotine levels on the market at the time. If he was going to switch into the vaping industry, he was going to make it a positive experience. Even if he had to change the industry himself.

Ancient Powers

Tony wanted to create a brand that had meaning as well as a purpose. Due to his now successful story with vaping saving his life, the family man who wanted to be their for his daughter and wife, decided to create Shijin Vapor.

Shijin (pronounced she-gin) represents the four most powerful animals in ancient Asian culture:

The tortoise (Tortoise Blood)

Tortoise Blood ejuice 100ml

(Photography By Shijin Vapor )

E-juice Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry and Green Apple with a sweet sherbet aftertone

The phoenix (Phoenix Tears)

 (Photography By Shijin Vapor )

E-juice Flavor Profile: Freshly baked sugar cookies filled with vanilla custard and topped with a strawberry cream

Note: Due to shortage of extract for Phoenix Tears, Shijin Vapor recently have decided to discontinue this flavor. Shijin Vapor has developed a new flavor: Pigs Tears! A delicious plate loaded with silky soft buttery pancakes, drizzled in rich maple syrup, topped with crispy bits of bacon. It will be available at VPROCITY.COM very soon!

The tiger (Tiger's Milk)

Tiger's Milk (100ml)

 (Photography By Shijin Vapor )

E-juice Flavor Profile: Peach mango slushy

The dragon (Dragon Cloud)


 (Photography By Shijin Vapor )

This is a representation of Tony's perseverance to fight his addiction to nicotine and cigarettes.

Shijin Vapor is best known for their Tortoise Blood, which is unmatched by any other sherbet flavors in the vaping industry. Shijin Vapor also comes out its ice verison, the Tortoise On Ice. It will satisfy any vape enthusiast who are into fruit flavored menthols.  

Shijin Vapor - Tortoise On Ice (100ml)


Time to go ahead and pick from Shijin Vapor's unique and popular e-cigarette liquid flavors and place your order today!


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