Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kohiba Tobacco Bundle

Kohiba Tobacco Bundle

Kohiba, the best e-Liquid to take you to a new pasture

The eJuice manufactured and supplied by Kohiba e-Liquid is simply superb, and the wide range of flavors gives a complete enjoyment not only to the taste buds bud also to the mind. One can feel the enjoyment of having them without the fear of any social taboo.  

To save your pockets against burning a hole, VproCity had come up with a bundled offer and is known as Kohiba – Tobacco Bundle, comprising of three mind-blowing flavors of Kustard, Blueberry, and Bourbon. Each of the eLiquds in the bundle is of 120ml, so you will get 360ml in total, quite a decent amount. The bundle is always a good deal offered by the merchant, especially for this one, every flavor is a must try.

Kohiba e-Liquids Bundle - VProCity

Many times you might have dreamt to leave a lifestyle like a cowboy with the macho actions and the whipping lassos and trotting of the horse. Break the shackles and get the same feeling trying the above drinks and enjoy life to the fullest.

The tobacco flavor collection of the ejuices by Kohiba is unparallel to any other similar products in the market, and it has its firm standing having a broad base of clientele. One should always give them a try, and it is almost sure that you would love to repeat the bundle offer order for the three great flavors of Kohiba Kustard Tobacco, Kohiba Blueberry Tobacco, and the Kohiba Bourbon Tobacco.

The Kohiba Kustard Tobacco has a high demand having a dessert flavor and ranks in the top list of the vaping industry. It had made its presence felt in quick span and is giving nightmares to the competitors with this segment.

Again Kohiba Blueberry Tobacco will enhance your mood and energy to a great extent and inspire you to enjoy life to the fullest. Get wild, adventurous attitudes drinking this ejuice, and the sky would be only the limit for your inner happiness.

Kohiba Bourbon Tobacco is another hit product in the market, and the users are getting full enjoyment taking the shots of this ejiuce. The flavor of this ejuice is incredibly mind-blowing, and one can get a sense of satisfaction consuming it.


Kohiba tobacco bundle

The bundled offer from Kohiba with its most popular three ejuices will not only save your pocket but will also allow you to change the taste as per the mood. The Kohiba Tobacco Bundle has no substitute in a real sense in the market.


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