Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How Often Should You Repleace Your Refillable Pods?

How Often Should You Repleace Your Refillable Pods?

Most of us are guilty when it comes to replacing our pods for refilliable pod system devices such as the Suorin Air, the Sourin Drop, The Smok Infinix, the Smok Fit. The list goes on. Fortunately, since salt nicotine does not pack too much of a flavor, getting the occasional “cotton tasting hit” isn't so bad.

How Long Do Pods Last?

The optimal time-frame to replace your pod is 3-5 days (depending on usage). It is not recommended to go over a few weeks with the same pod, but our staff members have accidentally gone months without changing the pod and it still works fine. Just know that you will not be receiving the most optimal vape or flavor. You will also notice some popping noises due to the wicking system in the pod becoming oversaturated with e-juice.

3-5 days may sound like a rush to change your pods, but there is no need to worry as long as you stick with the same flavor of nicotine salted e-liquid for those weeks of usage! This will not work if you have a habit of constantly changing from a menthol to a fruit to a custard, for example. Hopefully this quick little insight helps and we have linked all of our replacement pod pages below:

Its also good to keep in mind that replacement pods/cartridges are a lot less costly than pre-manufactured atomizer cores!

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