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Florida’s Vape Ban & Amendment 9

Florida’s Vape Ban & Amendment 9

Midterm Elections & Vaping

Midterm election ballots have been the subject of heavy debates, and this year’s voter turnout was a record setting in one in every state. There was a huge shift in the Senate and many great propositions were passed in fairness. However, this year on Florida’s statewide ballot, there was an amendment that combined two measures, which should of not been combined in the first place.

What Is A Countermeasure In A Ballot?

Usually, on any state ballot there will be countermeasures - which are 2 separate propositions placed on a ballot to essentially cancel each other out. Countermeasures are usually good because it protects against environmental dangers and threats to society. Unfortunately, amendment 9 combined 2 measures that were very conflicting in subject matter. Amendment 9 on Florida’s state ballot read as:

Florida Amendment 9, the Ban Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Ban Vaping in Enclosed Indoor Workplaces Amendment, was on the ballot in Florida as a commission referral on November 6, 2018.[3]

This proposition was approved by the voters by 69%

So What Does This Mean For Vaping In The State Of Florida?

As many of you know, Florida is a very large vape friendly place. However, this bill caused conflict in voters because the ban of offshore drilling counteracts the ban of indoor/workplace vaping. Offshore drilling is bad for the environment, so voters would clearly read that part of the measure and have to weigh the pros and cons on banning both vaping and offshore drilling. Amendment 9 was conceived under the “auspices of the clean air and water act”, but it was an amendment that should of never been on the ballot in the first place. There has been no scientific studies that vaping is adding to the dirty air we have in our environment.

Overall Summary

The Vprocity staff along with many people in the vape community believes with the the passing of Amendment 9 in Florida, it is just the start of banning vaping state to state. Amendment 9 is the first amendment to pass that essentially bans vaping to an extent. Since amendment 9 passed with a 69% vote, this may lead to other states following suit with harsher measures against vaping. It is great that voting and registered voters is at an all time high, but we do encourage voters to read into amendments, propositions and measures carefully because many countermeasures can be tricky.

Note: This is a voiced opinion and if you have any problems or want us to edit information that is newly gathered please email customercare@vprocity.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this important article.  Vprocity Vape Co. tries to be neutral in any form of politics, however since this is the first amendment that “banned” vaping we wanted to bring it up and hear your opinions.

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