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Differences in Pre-Built Coils

Differences in Pre-Built Coils
Why Care About Pre-Built Coils?
The rise in the popularity of the RDA has also brought in the renaissance of coil building and use of pre-built coils. In late 2017 up until now, squonking has become very popular and more and more squonk kits are being developed by the industry's leaders. We are even starting to see the rise of the Mech Mod tube, with its bottom fire button making its comeback. Due to this shift in the market, more companies are releasing much more pre-wrapped coils. Clapton coils, Alien coils, Fused Clapton coils, Hive coils, Staircase coils, and Taiji coils. Some coils you may come across on Instagram may even look like a piece of art or sculpted metal.

However, what do all these names mean and what is the point of these fancy wires? The number one answer is the flavor. If you look at every pre-wrapped coil that is not a standard wrapped coil, you can see grooves and ridges. These grooves are meant to soak up more of the juice. Also, these coils have more surface area to create more flavor when the ejuice/eliquid is vaped!

Pre-built coils are not all that different, some may say fused Claptons are their favorite and others may say Alien coils are their favorite for flavor. Thus the ratings below are based on staff research and testing and maybe up to debate.​

The three main core coils in which 90% of fancy builds are based are:
  • Clapton Coils​
  • Fused Clapton Coils​
  • Alien Coils​
Other popular coils you may hear a lot about is the Hive coil and the Tiger coil, but there are many different variations on those, and it's debatable if they even do anything to add extra flavor.

Thus we will only be talking about the three main core coils:​

Clapton Wire & Fused Clapton Wire

Clapton coils have been a staple flavor coil in the vaping industry from almost day one. A Clapton Coil is a vape wire that consists of a core of thicker gauge wire wrapped by, usually, a thinner gauge wire. Clapton coils are still the backbone to most of the popular coils that we see in the industry today such as Alien wire and Fused Clapton Wire. To summarize, a Clapton coil is two coils a that are coiled together

Alien Wire
Alien wire is very similar to Clapton Wire or Fused Clapton Wire except it does have even more surface area. This essentially works in the same idea as Clapton wire, the added surface area allows more ejuice to come in contact and saturate into the coil itself, which results in more vapor and flavor production with each consecutive hit. However, another difference is that Alien Wire may take longer and/or require a higher wattage than Clapton Wire to heat up to a vaping temperature. But once the coil is heated, most people agree that the Alien wire is the way to go for the best flavor and vapor production.

Final Thoughts & Tips

All other coils mentioned in this blog post or seen online are a variation of one of the wires listed above or a variation of a “twisted wire” which is just twisting two strands of your desired gauge wire with a drill into one even braided strand. Lastly, the resistance of all pre-built coils of any variation of the three wires listed will be much lower because of the amount of surface area compared to that of a standard wrapped coil, thus please keep that in mind when installing some pre-built coils since having a dual coil set-up may result in too low of an ohm on regulated devices and be very dangerous on unregulated devices.

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