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Best RDAs So Far in 2018

Best RDAs So Far in 2018

What's the Deal With RDAs?

If you are not familiar with what an RDA is, it stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. When the vape industry was first starting out, the only way to get flavor and clouds out of your ejuice was to use an RDA. Vape shops around the nation were building for customers, and customers could happily walk out educated on their new and expensive RDA that was built and explained to them by the vape shops themselves. Back in those days they were the only option to get the best flavor when vaping.

In 2018, times have sure changed, and RDAs can no longer be built in vape shops. Pre-wrapped coils have taken over the market partly due to that fact. Wicking also became much easier with cotton that has a shoestring attached to it for easier wicking. These factors, along with the rise in popularity of squonk mods, RDA’s have made a huge resurgence onto the vape scene once again. RDA’s have also become much more affordable, which is a huge upgrade for the average vaper. Here is a quick list that we composed of that we think are the best RDAs in 2018 so far:

--- Our Top 5 ---

Digiflavor Drop RDA:

Over the past couple of years the Digiflavor DROP RDA has been regarded as one of the best in the market. It has a nicely designed juice well and a very functionally designed build deck. The side airflow makes air go right across your coils, leading to stellar flavor, clouds and performance across the board. The Digiflavor Drop is also very affordable. SHOP NOW


  • One of the Best Flavor RDA’s
  • Simple to use build deck
  • Great design, durability and finish
  • Affordable


  • No pre-wrapped coils or cotton provided

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA:

The Bonza RDA is another RDA with a massive amount of flavor, smooth airflow and overall just a great performing RDA. The Bonza has a very large build deck and the side airflow is right next to the coil placement which is very important for flavor and cloud production. The Bonza RDA also has very sturdy screws that will not strip.


  • Large Juice Well
  • Large Build Deck
  • Easily buildable
  • Large barrel
  • Use of Slottled Screws
  • Affordable


  • Build deck may not be the preference for some users
  • Logo and design may not appeal to some users

HellVape Dead Rabbit RDA:

Many reviewers and users alike have called the DEAD Rabbit RDA the perfect RDA. It is a rather bold statement, but Hellvape has had a meteoric rise as a company since the release of the Dead Rabbit RDA and their follow up RDA collaboration with Digiflavor, the Drop Dead RDA, their newest release. When the Dead Rabbit was released by Hellvape in 2017 it brought innovation to the industry and drove other manufacturers to improve build decks and RDA performance across the board. SHOP NOW


  • Large Build Deck
  • Large Vertical post-holes
  • Large Juice well
  • Flavorful Vape
  • Side Airflow sits right next to the coils for optimal flavor
  • Use of Slotted Screws
  • Negative and positive post is very easy to identify


  • Large logo that may not appeal to some users
  • May not be a good starter RDA because of the Vertical post-holes
  • Does not include cotton or pre-wrapped coils

Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve:

The Wotofo Recurve 24mm RDA is the perfect single-coil RDA and one of the best, if not THE best single-coil RDA in the market. Designed by Youtube vape influencer/reviewer Mike Vapes, the Recurve has side airflow, a style of aiflow that is rising in popularity compared to its counterparts (bottom airflow and top airflow). Side airflow is rising in popularity because users and manufacturers have found that it is optimal for flavor. The Recurve has as post-less deck that can easily fit large coils. It is very easy to install coils because Wotofo includes coil tools which helps with measuring the length of the coil legs to fit into the post. Once users get used to the Recurve’s build deck, then it is very easy to install coils and plug in a USB port for use. SHOP NOW


  • Easy to use post-less build deck
  • Large post holes for large builds
  • Large Juice well
  • Side Airflow
  • Aesthetically Pleasing with many color options
  • Useful Building tools


  • Build deck may be confusing to new RDA users
  • Drip-tip may not appeal to some users

Wotofo Profile RDA:

Mesh coils has taken off in 2018, with the rise of the mesh coil in prebuilt tanks and then the rise of Mesh RDAs. Almost every major company was coming out with their own version of a Mesh RDA, but most have unfortunately failed. The Wotofo Profile RDA is the first true Mesh RDA where you would not get a dry hit. With previous Mesh RDA designs, users needed to use a lot of cotton, which would not wick fast enough or the cotton would sag and not touch the mesh coil. This ended up leading to many dry hits and very bad experiences to many vapers looking for a good flavor RDA. The Wotofo Profile RDA has fixed this issue by having a spring loaded insulator to hold the cotton up. Wotofo also supplies 2 mesh coils and a piece of cotton to wick your RDA straight out of the box. Extra Wotofo cotton is widely available, but unfortunately this RDA only takes the specially shaped Wotofo cotton unless the user can find a way to create cotton in the form that Wotofo creates it’s own cotton for this RDA.


  • Best Mesh RDA in the Market
  • Great Flavor
  • Easy to install included mesh coil
  • Easy wicking with Wotofo’s included cotton
  • Best overall Building accessories included in any kit
  • Large Juice well that is squonkable
  • Squonks right onto the wick under the mesh coil


  • Must use Wotofo Profile cotton for wicking (Unless you have your own technique to wick the Profile RDA)
  • Can only use Mesh coils
  • Not meant for any other sort of builds


Final Notes:

Each choice was decided upon by taking into consideration the opinions of our reviewers, sponsors and our own staff in order to offer a list of affordable RDA’s for the beginner RDA user, to the immediate/advanced users. All RDAs on this list are widely available and widely reviewed on Youtube if you need help making a decision on your next RDA purchase. We will continue to add to this list when we run into more outstanding RDA’s of 2018. Thanks for reading!

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