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2018's Best Open & Closed Pod Systems Thus Far

2018's Best Open & Closed Pod Systems Thus Far

Aspire Breeze 2 (Open Pod)

 The Aspire Breeze 2 is the perfecting compact and ergonomic device to be included in our ranking of closed-pod systems. Although it is a little bit larger, it is a great all in one device for vapers who want to vape on high salt based nicotine ejuice or for vapers who want to vape lower nicotine ejuice. Shop Now.

  • Pros: Has two coil resistance a .6 coil and a 1.2 ohm coil, the 0.6 ohm coil is good for vape enthusiast looking for flavor and vapor production with lower nicotine ejuice while the 1.2 ohm coil is better for the vaper who is looking for a nice mouth-to-lung hit with higher salt based nicotine, can be charged using a micro-usb Easy to Fill, TBD Compliant with a 2ml tank size
  • Cons: Larger than other pod systems, has a fire button, coil choice and ejuice choice may be confusing for new vapers


Aspire Gusto Mini (Open Pod)

 Just like how Juul revolutionized the vape market and introduced salt based nicotine to the masses, the Aspire Gusto Mini was one of the first pod system devices to offer a much larger ejuice capacity than it’s competition. The open pod system device offers a large 4.2mL tank capacity while still being extremely small. This device does produce a larger vape production than other pod devices because of its 900-mAh battery as well as its 17w+ output.

  • Pros: Powerful device, large cloud production, good for direct lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, portable, very durable
  • Cons: EU Version has a much smaller tank capacity, Push button to activate


Bo One Vape Kit (Closed Pod)

 The Bo One Vape kit has hit the closed-pod system hard with its main distribution being Europe since it is a French company. However, Bo Vaping teamed up with the eliquid company Blvck Market as its US distributor and is now easily accessible to the US market online or in one of your nearest Brick and Mortar retail shops. The Bo was designed for cigarette smokers in mind as well as vape enthusiast looking for the next best pod system. This closed pod device has a large 1.5 ml pod capacity, which is large compared to other closed-pod systems. The Bo also has a 380mAh battery which is fairly large for its form factor.

  • Pros: Easy to use, good battery life, has passthrough charging, LED battery light indicator, decent flavor, a lot of useful add-on accessories
  • Cons: Pods are inconsistent and leak, limited flavor selection, proprietary charger, no visible liquid indication.


Juul (Closed Pod)


The Juul close-pod was the one that revolutionized the vape market. Before the Juul, there were far and few cigalike devices in convenience stores and gas stations, which did not seem to help cigarette users kick their smoking habit. However when the Juul was released, the company Pax introduced a high salt-based Nicotine and formulated a closed-pod system with ejuice that inhales like a true cigarette. Pax Labs innovated the market with it’s creation on nicotine salt and we would not have the popularity of pod devices today without the creation of Juul whether you love them or hate them.

  • Pros: Portable and easy to use, tap twice to check battery level, hits like a cigarette, first salt base nicotine ejuice in the market.
  • Cons: Pods do not make connection sometime, Proprietary Charger, Prone to leaking, Prone to spit-back


Mi Pod System Kit (Closed & Open Pod)

The Mi-Pod kit has it all, the device has a nice high end look yet a very affordable price. Well known reviewers such as GrimmGreen love the device and this product has made waves in the vape industry by a company called Smoking Vapor. Smoking Vapor was a company that was unheard of before their introduction of the Mi-One and then the Mi-Pod. Smoking vapor also makes various accessories for their devices such as a lanyard. The Mi-Pod is simple, just fill your pod and go. Shop Now.

  • Pros: Good Flavor, Great battery life with a 950mAh battery, comes in many different stylish colors, easy refillable pods, uses micro-usb charging.  Good for Mouth-to-lung vaping and direct lung vaping, good customer service, slim and lightweight, decent flavor, pods firmly lock into place
  • Cons: Pods take a little long to saturate fully, the mouthpiece is in an awkward place, power button is small, Decals can peel of on the non metallic version


MLV Phix Kit (Closed & Open Pod)

The Phix is a great device brought introduced to the market by Brewell MFG. This device is inhale activated so there is no firing button to worry about.  The Phix uses prefill pods and in it is a 1.5 ohm ceramic coil giving the pod excellent performance. Also with a 280mAh battery, the Phix will last most of the day and if you are in need of a quick charge there is no need to worry since the kit comes with a nice USB cable wire charging cable. The MLV Phix has also released packs of empty cartridges to re-fill with any salted nicotine ejuice you want! Shop Now.

  • Pros: Sleek Design, Great Flavor, Magnetic Pod to Device connection system, Can use closed pods or refillable pods
  • Cons: Long firing activation period when taking first couple of hits, Proprietary Charger


SMOK Infinix (Closed Pod)

Following up with the Rolo Badge, the SMOK Infinix is the open pod starter kit that is a fan favorite. This pod mod is an open pod system that is available in three colors and is very easy to use and ergonomic.  The body is crafted out of high-quality aluminum and it is built with a very high quality. You can choose the color you desire whether it is gunmetal, blue or red.

Like many other pod system devices, the Infinix is buttonless with an inhale to activate design. There is also and LED light which also acts as a battery level indicator.  This pod mod also has an easy access micro usb port at the bottom which is pass through so you can vape while it is charging. Shop Now

  • Pros: Ease of Use, Quality of Build, Battery life indicator, Easy access to Micro USB port, Pass through charging
  • Cons: Available in only 3 colors, Flavor is up to par with other pod systems but it is nothing spectacular, Battery life is less compared to other devices of the same size


SMOK Rolo Badge (Open Pod)

2018 was the year for Pod system devices and salt nicotine. In the e-cigarette industry, we saw dozens of pod systems enter the market, some succeeding while others flopping. SMOK decided to take it into their own hands when they decided to enter the pod mod market by launching three pod systems at the same time. The SMOK Rolo Badge was launched with the SMOK Inifinix as well as the SMOK Fit.

However, the SMOK Rolo Badge is one of our fan favorites as well as our staff favorites.  Although it is slightly larger than the competition, the SMOK Rolo Badge provides a consistent vape. The SMOK Rolo Badge is the perfect device is you are looking for a pod system that is very customizable because you can pair this pod mod with various different colors of pods. The one unfortunate thing about this pod system is that the wicking system is not ceramic like many other pod systems that were introduced in 2018, so the flavor is not entirely there with the standard pod device but it is still a good pod system if the design fits what you are looking for. Shop Now

  • Pros: Consistent vapor hit, Very Well Crafted, Comfortable to inhale, Decent Battery Life, Simplicity of use, Pass Through Charing, 2 empty pods included in kit, Available in many colors
  • Cons: Hit from salt nicotine is harsher than other pod systems, Poor Flavor, Prone for fingerprints if you have a metallic instead of rubberized version


SMPO Kit (Closed Pod)

The SMPO Kit is a well-made and designed closed pod system device. It’s pods come non-refillable and filled with 1.8mL of salt based e-juice. Like many closed pod systems, this device has no fire button, just pop in the pod and start inhaling on the device to start puffing on it. SMPO uses a salt based nicotine in all of the pre-filled pods and comes with two choices of Nicotine levels, 18mg and 50mg. The design of the SMPO device is nice, feels nice and ergonomic in your hand & reminds you of a key fob of a nice expensive luxury car. It is on the bulkier size but not too bulky compared to all these skinny pod system devices in the market today.

    • Pros: Micro-usb charging, nicotine level choice, convenient magnetic connection between pod and battery, auto-temp control, safe and convenient 5 click on-off button that can be used as a fire button as well, low liquid detection, great starter kit for new vapers, ceramic coil pod system, fast charge system, large tank capacity for a closed pod system
      • Cons: Cannot refill the pod, throat hit may be too much for new and advanced users


      Suorin Air Kit (Open Pod)

      The Suorin Air Kit is a simple and elegant design that slides right into your pocket with ease due to its thinness and credit card like size. The Suorin Air weighs in at 136 grams with the dimension of 86mm x 54mm x 8mm. This Device is TPD compliant due to its 2 mL refillable cartridge and this pod system device is available in plenty of colors to choose from such as gunmetal, tan, pink, rose gold & black.  It also has a pretty long battery life for a pod system device coming in at 400mAh. Shop Now.

      • Pros: Nice and Compact device, Good Battery Life, Good Flavor, Good Vapor Production
      • Cons: Dry Hits Sometimes, Has wicking issues, awkward to hit at first


      Suorin Drop (Open Pod)

        The Suorin Drop is aptly named because it looks like a drop of water off of a leaf during a rainy fall season. Shaped like a drop of water, the Drop comes with a 2mL capacity tank which is empty and designed to refill. This pod devices uses a 300-mAh battery with a 1.3 ohm coil. Shop Now.
        • Pros: Provides a tight draw for vapers who like a mouth-to-lung hit. Very tiny and portable, Flavorful vape with good vape production, Spit back free, Easily refillable pods, cartridges are much less prone to leaking
        • Cons: Short battery Life, slow fire time, no magnetic connection


        Vladdin (Open/Closed Pod)

        Vladdin is a very recent brand to hit the vaping industry with their introduction of the Vladdin Starter Kit earlier this year.  By June of 2018 the Vladdin open and closed pod system device has been a big hit for it’s parent company AVE40.

        It is easy to see why the Vladdin is becoming so popular and starting to become one of the top selling open/closed pod system in the market. The Vladdin has quickly become one of our staff favorites because of its elegant design, strong magnetic connection from pod to battery and great flavor off of the pod’s ceramic coil.  Another great thing we noticed at Vprocity Vape Co. is that that this pod system is not prone to leaking like many other pod systems in the market today. One of our employees left his Vladdin sitting on his desk without using it for a week and after going back to it, the flavor remained the same and there was no leakage from the pod.

        Overall the Vladdin Starter Kit is a great device if you are a salted nicotine user or switching over to one. It gives you a consistent draw and the flavor is unmatched by any other “true” pod system that our team has tried thus far. Shop Now

        • Pros: Ergonomic design, Well crafted, Strong magnetic pod connection, Uses closed pod and open refillable pods, Simplicity of use, Lightweight, Great taste with no harsh hit
        • Cons: No Battery life indicator, Not sold in the UK, Only available in one color

          MYLE (Open Pod)

          The Myle was released earlier this year and is still one of the staple pod system devices in the vaping industry today. The Myle is very comparable to the Juul in terms of vapor production, nicotine throat hit and flavor. What we like about the Myle is the simplicity of use as well as it’s thin design.  Originally the Myle was only available in two colors but the company has then since released 3 new colors: red, rose gold and blue.

          The Myle was designed with Anti leak technology and is very comparable to the Juul at a lower price point.  For it’s thin size we like its long battery life and larger capacity pod than the Juul. Myle has an anti leak technology which puts it slightly above Juul in that aspect. Shop Now

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