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Best Menthol Ejuice For this Summer

Best Menthol Ejuice For this Summer

Considering buying e-Liquids now, you will need to decide the flavors firstly, so we will be providing a detailed outlook on some of the best menthol e-liquids that you can consume in the summers, want a Pina-Colada flavored e-juice? We have got you covered!


Lemon Twist-Iced Pink Punch (120 ml)

This is where things get really exciting, if you are a fan of lemonades of margaritas and also love to vape then look no further than the lemon twist pink punch, it packs a seriously icy flavor which won’t just hit with the best of flavors but also cool you off, typically priced around $20-25. At VproCity, the price is $18.95, this is an actual steal, as the package contains two bottles of 60ml each. So, this whole package of 120 ml will definitely keep you covered for some weeks. The users love it; market loves, do try it!


Rounds- Apple Kiwi Ice (100 ml)

Before we get started on this flavor, some things need to be clarified. There are basically two types of these e-liquids, one is of normal category, and the other ones are of premium quality. What is the main difference between these two? Well, the premium e-liquids provide some of the best vapors, and their flavors are also distinct. Some of the menthol flavors here are of premium quality, and just like menthol mints, these e-liquids have a refreshing yet cooling taste. Talking about Apple Kiwi Ice here, this is one of the unique flavors out in the market. Just like a fresh apple juice but with the tanginess of kiwi, mixed with a hint of chill, this flavor is bound to make your taste buds into joyous icicles. Price of this amazing flavor is somewhere between $15-25. However, VproCity provides $14.95 for Rounds Apple Kiwi Ice, which is very much economical. This comes with a cool-shaped bottle, which you can even use for re-fillings. If you are an apple lover, then don’t miss this flavor at any cost.



Candy King on Ice- Strawberry Belts (100 ml)

In our childhood days, we used to love sweet and sour candies. Actually, we basically used to live because of them, going to stores to buy these bittersweet candies, the moment they used to dissolve into our mouth we felt this gush of indescribable flavors. Now, all grown up, that flavor had made its comeback into our adult lives. Now the candy king strawberry belts flavor performs exactly upon its description, it packs dual flavors which hit your mouth simultaneously. At one front, it is the sweet juicy flavor of strawberries, and on the other front, it is the sour flavor which is tantalizing. This unique flavor is priced around $15-30. However, $14.95 at VproCity, although you can get it in discounts at many online and physical retail stores, be sure to give it a try!



Keep it 100- Blue Slushie Iced (100 ml)

Slush drinks are an absolute pleasure to have in the summer season, consisting of many different flavors and mixed with an abundance of ice, these drinks are a mode of survival when it comes to beating off the heat. Now if you are looking for something extra chilly in vape flavors, then the blue slushie would be one of the best choices for you. Just as blue slush is of the blackcurrant flavor, this e-liquid is of the same flavor just with more chilly elements in it, priced around $14-20. At VproCity, it priced at $14.95. These will make sure that that you have a good slush-filled vape time.



Now as we have discussed some of the best e-liquids in the market, let us move on to e-Juice bundles that are roaring in the market. We picked the most popular menthol flavors from the 2 top brands: 7 Daze and Naked 100. Time to refresh!

7 Daze - Fruit Iced Bundle (3 Pack/180 ml)

Price: $42.95

Review: 5/5 (Stars)

7 Daze is one of the most remarkable e-liquids brands. This particular bundle consists of Apple Iced, Watermelon Iced, and Grape Iced flavor; all of them are mixed with the extra effects of chillness. You will get real fruit flavors, also a cool feeling for your sinus. All of these bottles are of 60 ml sizes so that would be pretty much considerate. For more detailed information, click here.



Naked 100- Menthol Bundle (3 Pack/180 ml)

Price: $36.95

The menthol bundle of Naked 100 includes Very Cool, Brain Freeze and Polar Breeze.

Very cool is a combination of different berries which offers a very distinctive flavor. The extra special ingredient over here is honey, so keep it in your tab. The Brain freeze, yeah you read that right, just as consuming extra chilly such as slush you get an immense amount of pain in the head, this would be the same, although it indeed is quite flavorsome. The ingredients over here are pomegranate and some honey. The last flavor in the bundle is the polar breeze which gives you a taste of Antarctica itself. The ingredients over here are pineapple and honey. For detailed information, click here


In conclusion, what can be said is this that although these are some of the best e-liquids in the market, they would only be suited for people with their kinds of preferences. So make the best out of this information!

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