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Battery Safety Warning & Tips


Battery Safety Warning & Tips: Please read the information below before purchasing your first 18650 external battery Mod, Device or Kit.

Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion batteries are potentially hazardous when used incorrectly. 18650 batteries can present a serious FIRE HAZARD if damaged, as well as improperly used, stored or charged.

Every 18650 battery in the market today, as well as every 18650 battery that Vprocity sells, is a Lithium Ion battery cell. Here are some important safety tips for rechargeable 18650 batteries:

  • Battery Damage: Never use a damaged 18650 battery, such as a dented battery or a battery that has its wrapping damaged. The plastic wrap on the battery and the white insulator on the positive side protects the battery from venting.
  • Charging: It is highly recommended to not use the micro USB charging port to recharge your device, especially if it is a device that uses 2 or more 18650 batteries. A micro USB cable and a wall-charging block are not designed to handle the proper voltage & current. The micro-USB port is mostly designed for firmware updates.
  • Charger Type: It is essential to use an external Lithium Ion battery charger. These specific chargers provide a microchip that charges your 18650 batteries at the proper voltage, voltage control & overcharge protection.
  • Discharge: Never fully discharge an 18650 battery, but if you do so, you MUST recharge the battery within 24 hours in a proper external 18650-battery charger.
  • Voltage Drop-Off: Fully discharging an 18650 battery leads into the topic of battery voltage drop-off, which occurs when the charge in your battery is below a certain level & is unable to provide enough voltage to fire a device & tank/rda at your desired vaping wattage. All regulated devices with a chip in which you can choose your desired wattage has voltage protection, which means the device will not fire at a certain wattage if the battery does not have enough voltage or amps to output. This is for your protection; common warnings are “check battery” or “uneven battery levels”. Battery voltage drop-off normally occurs when your 18650 battery/batteries is under 40% fully charged
  • Storing Mistakes: Never store your 18650 batteries in direct heat, 18650 batteries should be stored in an area between 40 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to maximize battery life and safety.
  • Use Cases: Always use a plastic or non-conductive 18650-battery case or sleeve. If you store loose 18650-batteries in your bag or pocket it may conduct with your loose change or the metal from your keys.
  • Vprocity.com and any or all of Vprocity.com’s parent company and subsidiaries will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused by the improper usage of 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries. We highly recommend to all of our customers to have a greater understanding of the batteries and chargers he or she are using and how to care for them properly

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