10 Questions & Answers for Vprocity E-cig Users


VProCity already served hundred of thousands of customers and we are continuing to serve more. We replied all questions from our customers. Following Questions & Answers always confused our Vprocity E-cig users. Please read this blog when you meet similar questions. Our success is accredited to our quality: lasting and reliable products, prompt and responsive customer service, and innovation driven company values. We promise to offer the best products at lower price, as we always do. 

1. How to power on/off?

To prevent unnecessary false start, so that power on/off speedly in two seconds for safe using.


2. Why sizzle when vaping?

Coil in side is heating, sizzle happens in the evaporation of e liquid, more smoke, more clear the sound. Mild and wonderful, adding the fun to smokers.


3. Why thirsty when vaping?

Ingredients concludes PG & VG, which absorbent are mostly use for children cookies. Keeping drink helps to be alleviated.


4.Why sucked e liquid into my mouth?

Generally speaking, it is because the vaper smokes fiercely, the e liquid hasn’t been completely atomized. Besides, it may caused by which tank doesn’t seal, e liquid seeps through the trachea, and then be suck in mouth directly. In addition, due to capillarity under conditions of not remove the e liquid for not use atomizer for long time. So the e liquid will penetrate to snorkel. To keep your healthy, please clean e liquid that overnight and no using for long time.


5. Why smoking feel like fry?

The water vapour making with atomization is rapidly cooled, atomized in high temperature with e liquid. Wiping the water around mouth tip, or placing it upside down can be solved.


6. Why smokes with burnt smell?

Generally speaking, it is caused that oil atomizer should be placed 30s after using out of e liquid before. Avoid to burning empty atomizer.


7. Why atomizer is hot?

Atomizer heats when vaping, in a continuous process of smoking, heating wire has not completely cooled down. And then heat again, it is normal to accumulate the heating. Please reduce or stop the frequency of smoking.


8. Why leaking of airflow?

Tank being not tightened will cause leak in the connector. Please confirm to tight it.


9.How long does atomizer work?

The consumption of atomizer depends on frequency.It would be better to change atomizer each 3 months keeping from carbon deposition of heating wire.


10. What is the white in drip tip after smoking?

After smoking, human saliva is left on the trip tip or steam cooling, dried and the white comes out. Cleaning it by wet tissue is OK.

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  • WilliamDill

    Really enjoyed this forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Cool. Delaughter

  • Aazu

    Danny CapwoodMay 12, 2012 I decided on saecfig because I needed to save money. I was paying $6.50 per pack for smokes and it was killing me. I tracked it for a couple weeks and I was spending $325 every time I got paid for cigs. So then I switched to “Safe Cigs” and spent $90 on the starter kit and accessories I ordered. From here on out, I’m spending $15 per week on cartridges, compared to $50 a week on cigs. So right there I’m saving $35 each week. I’m guessing off the top of my head that is somewhere around $1500.00 I’m saving in a year of using ecigs. You better believe I’m going to keep using my Safe Cig. That’s nothing to laugh at. Plus my wife isn’t nagging me near as much about stinking up her car with my smoke smell. Hell, I don’t guess I have any complaints at all. Thanks Safe Cig!!

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