Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How E-Cigs Work


Learn the basics of how an e-cigarette provides the same effects of traditional smoking without many of the bad side effects

While they're still relatively new, e-cigarettes are in fact quite simple. In comparison to computer and smartphone technology, e-cigs are really no more complicated than a coffee maker.

To use, they do take a little more effort than simply puffing on the mouthpiece. But you don't need to light them, and they require no cleaning up after yourself. As you inhale, the LED light on the end of the e-cigarette will glow, you will feel the vapor, taste it, and then exhale naturally. The only difference with a traditional cigarette is the level of convenience and purity of the ingredients.

Despite supplies and upkeep, electronic cigarettes are ultimately very straightforward, and easy to use.

E-cigs work by combining state of the art technology with a simple purpose: to give smokers a cigarette-like experience all the way through, without any of the negative components or effects.

While "vapers" get the nicotine they crave, and the whole experience of smoking, they are no longer exposed to tobacco, smoke, tar, and carcinogens as they smoke – or vape. A basic understanding of e-cigarette parts will show you exactly how they work, and how this cigarette-like experience is provided to a growing number of adults across the world!


Our e-cigarettes kits are known as 2-piece. They consist of a highly advanced battery unit, and a replaceable Clearomizer. Both parts serve several functions, and contain several other mechanisms that work harmoniously to create an experience that is very much like smoking a cigarette, and just as pleasurable.

The e-cigarette battery is the main component. It is the "brain" of the e-cig, and it does so much more than just provide power.

Lithium ion batteries are considered the strongest, and highest performing when it comes to e-cigs, and within the aluminum battery shell is an operating sensor, a "smart chip", and an external indicator light.

The Clearomizer works in conjunction with the battery, and it is an atomizer as well as liquid nicotine solution.

Clearomizer is screwed onto the e-cigarette battery, at the mouth-end of the unit. When a vaper puffs on it, the operating sensor will signal the smart chip to activate, and send a charge to the atomizer. This enables the atomizer to kick into gear, powering it to heat up and begin the vaporizing of the liquid nicotine solution.

This process, in turn, causes the indicator light on the e-cigarette's other end to light up when inhaled, just like an ordinary cigarette.


When you receive your e-cig starter kit, you may notice that your battery may have some charge to it. Regardless, we strongly advise you charge your batteries to full capacity before you using them to ensure proper performance. It does not matter which charger you choose to use, as long as you charge up to 100%.

Charging batteries is simple - all that is necessary is to screw the battery onto the USB charger, and then plug it into the USB port on your computer, or use the Portable Wall Charger. Charging takes approximately one hour. Be careful not to overcharge, as this can wear down the effectiveness of your battery life.

Attaching a Clearomizer is the next step, and it is also quite simple. When you receive your batteries, you may notice a Clearomizer is attached; To attach a new replacement Clearomizer, just remove the old one, and screw it onto the battery's end. Keep in mind, that tightening too tightly can cause it to not work properly.

One Clearomzer is equal to about 1.5-2 packs of cigarettes depending on your particular usage, as well as battery type. Automatics tend to have longer battery life. You will know your Clearomizer coil needs changing when it is not producing vapor anymore. You don't need Change Clearomzer. You just need change a replacement coil which fixed inside of Clearomzer. When you change coils, please tightening coil tightly. Or it may cause ejuice leaking. 

Automatic batteries have no ON/ OFF switch. They are turned on by sensing the user' inhale. Manual batteries do have a switch that needs to be pressed during use. It is a small black button on the battery's side, and while inhaling it needs to be pushed. With both switch types, the beaming crystal LED end light will glow realistically to show that it is working and being used. The light also serves to let you know when the battery will need recharging, by flashing.


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