PG vs. VG-Based E-liquid Mixtures


If you research vprocity cigarettes, you’re going to hear discussion about PG and VG liquids.

Many users, especially those who are new to vaping want to know as much as possible about their options. How do you choose wisely? Is one really better than the other? Here is a look at what they are, and how to read between the lines, and how to figure out which will be better for you.

Vprocity e-liquids are generally made of just four ingredients: water, nicotine, flavoring, and a VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol) mixture. There are some with additional ingredients, but these are the basics and most important.

Nicotine comes in varying amounts in cartridges, and it is pretty general. Our range goes from 18mg (full-flavored), 12mg (light), 6mg (ultra-light) and 0mg (nicotine-free). However, the actual nicotine content is pretty low because it goes quite far in the diluted liquid solution.

All e-liquid blends contain VG, PG, or a mixture of the two. For Vprocity, it was determined through extensive research that the 45/55 (PG/VG) mix was ideal, and was able to deliver the most satisfying experience to new e-smokers. Continue reading for a brief description of each of these important ingredients.

Vegetable glycerin is a thick, heavy, and sweet-tasting liquid. It gives your smokeless cigarette a very pleasant sweet flavor, and creates large amounts of vapor. It also creates an incredibly smooth throat hit that many users highly appreciate. Vegetable glycerin is derived from, you guessed it, vegetables. Therefore it is considered completely natural and safe. VG is also used as a sweetener and in many cosmetic products.

Vegetable glycerin imparts a slightly sweet flavor –however it does not contain sugar, and is metabolized by the body in a different manner than sugar.

Propylene glycol, by comparison, is very thin, but even sweeter than VG. PG is known to produce a great throat hit, and that is why some people favor it in their smokeless cigarettes.

Something to consider with PG is that it has a higher rate of sensitivity, and can cause reactions that are allergic in nature in some users. It is generally recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is why it can be found in a host of healthcare products from skincare lotions to body products and as a preservative in foods. However, a small percentage of people, about 2%, have negative allergic reactions to PG where they experience shortness of breath or dryness of the throat.

The 45/55 mix that you can order from Vprocity contains the ideal measure of both types of e-liquid (55% VG/45% PG), allowing you to experience the best of each. This optimal ratio combines the great throat hit and sweetness of PG e-liquid with the thickness that VG e-liquids offer, along with tons of vapor production.

So, when it comes to vaping, there are definitely some important factors to keep in mind about PG and VG. Essentially, the choice comes down to your own personal preference.

Whether you ultimately decide on a 100% PG e-liquid, full VG e-liquid, or somewhere in between, knowing the differences can make a huge impact when selecting a smokeless cigarette( brand.

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  • VProCity Staff
Comments 3

    If you like, you can tend to use mix of both PG and VG in particular ratios, such as 70 VG / 30 PG. This is the optimum ratio for most each uses as it provides a nice throw hit.

  • Doni

    I tried the iClear16 & 30 when they 1st came out & wasn’t too impressed.. The iClear30 s moutithp just bugged me, & the with the iClear16s, I’d either get total dry-hits or extreme gurgling & flooding (seemed to be their thing ) so I kept on looking for something better. Enter June, 2013 when I got the iTasteVV-V3.0 that came with 5 iClear16 clearomizers. Considering their past history, figured they’d go in that extreme emergency pile; noticing they were now stamped VV/VW tho I wondered if anything had been changed. Now, IDK what’s different, but they’re different! (if that makes sense) All I can say is wow, wow WOW! Stellar. I use mostly 50/50 juices & before filling I just unraveled 2 of the wicks about 1/3 of the way up filled waited a few minutes .. & then it was vaping bliss from then on. NO dry hits NO gurgling NO cleaning.. just topping off a few times a day. Been using any/all juice thru it~ with no cracking or fogging either. Oh, AND, I do rotate between a couple devices . but am still using the 1st one outta 5 with it’s original coil (unheard of i know!) nearly 2 months later! I’ve probably tried em all, & with an adaptor that allows me to use my own drip tip . it’s definitely been the best clearo I’ve used to date! (Oakley Gemini comes in a close second) =)

  • Svetlana

    LarryThanks for this review. I am new to this type of ecig use, but not ecigs. I use the Blu (yes, i’m a noob) and that’s pettry easy to use. I like the PCC alot and disposable cartridge with atomizer. Ok, it’s not the best, but it sure is simple to use. Anyway, I ordered the eVic and this Kanger protank to step up my game Coils, wics, ohms, oh my. There seems to be a lot to it. Anyway, your step by step explanation on the Protank really helped me figure out what is what. Can’t wait to start vaping once it shows up!

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