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Battery Safety and Ohm's Law


  • The two most common types of batteries that a regulated mod or unregulated mod would use are 18650’s and 28650’s.
  • If you are using a regulated mod (any mod with a chip), you will have to worry less about calculating your batteries voltage/OHM’s limit. Most if not all regulated mods out today will be able to regulate your batteries output, thus you will not have to worry about any possible short-circuiting of overheating your batteries.
  • You must review your batteries if you are using any unregulated mods (mechanical mods). A good website to freshen up on OHM’s law is: http://onvaping.com/battery-safety-and-ohms-law/
  • Lastly, if you choose to use a mechanical mod, please be an advanced vapor.

  • Do not carry any loose batteries in your pocket, backpack, purse, etc...
  • If loose change or keys touch any of your batteries, there is a chance of accidentally circuiting your batteries. This may cause the batteries to accidentally connect their negative and positive charges.
  • Use a plastic battery case or battery sleeve when carrying any loose batteries around.

  • Do not leave your batteries in a hot car or any place where the batteries have a chance of overheating. 
  • Avoid leaving batteries in direct sunlight or a car dashboard. 
  • If you have your batteries in a mod, please follow the same directions as the two previous bullet points above
  • Batteries get hot when they are being overworked, thus if you push them too far, there is a chance that they can “vent”. Venting occurs when the chemicals inside the battery become too hot and begin to produce gasses.
  • Caution: Overheated batteries have a chance to explode.

  • Do not use any batteries that are not properly wrapped.
  • Faulty wraps may cause the battery to short-circuit.

  • Please use an external 18650 battery charger when charging your batteries, even if your device comes with in-charging capabilities.
  • An external 18650 battery charger will maintain longer battery life and will not add wear or tear on your battery. 
  • Never leave your batteries charging unattended.
  • Use a more expensive 18650 battery charger from either Efest or Nitecore. Cheaper battery chargers can lead to overcharging your batteries and make them more susceptible to venting.

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  • Robert Heatley
    Robert Heatley

    Am a regalar smoker. Am not sure how to set my new eVic AIO joyetech.
    Setting the coil ,what should it be set has.Amp ? Power or The TCR .

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