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2019 Pod System Best Sellers

2019 Pod System Best Sellers 0

Pod System or “Ultra-portable Pod System”, a vape device that equipped with refillable pod cartridges. In 2019, the Pod System becomes more popular in the market. You might wonder which pod system is most popular in 2019. There are tons of lovely Pod System with the newest technology and designs from different brands. We will introduce the best selling Pod System in VProCity and explain the pros and cons of them.

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GeekVape Aegis Squonk & Aegis X Review

GeekVape Aegis Squonk & Aegis X Review 0

Geekvape released its latest Aegis Series vape kits, the GeekVape Aegis Squonk Kit and the GeekVape Aegis X Kit. Although they all are GeekVape Aegis Series, there are some differences between the newest two kits and previous Aegis Kits, such as GeekVape Aegis Solo and GeekVape Aegis Legend. Let’s review the specifics of all the major GeekVape Aegis Series Vape Kits. 
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Flavors Are Being Banned. What's Next?

Flavors Are Being Banned. What's Next? 4

As of this writing, Michigan and New York have released emergency rule on banning all flavored vape products as well as federal bans. The details are different by states. New York State is the first state to issue the flavor ban emergency rule on Tuesday(Sep 17), while Michigan State’s emergency rule filed on Wednesday(Sep 18).
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Vape Atomizers Under $15!

Vape Atomizers Under $15! 0

The vape tank is an important component of your vaping device. If you find the right tank, you will greatly improve your vaping experience and gain the amazing pure flavor from your e-juice.
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