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Vape Tanks Under $15!

Vape Tanks Under $15! 0

The vape tank is an important component of your vaping device. If you find the right tank, you will greatly improve your vaping experience and gain the amazing pure flavor from your e-juice.
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Vape Pod System Under $10!

Vape Pod System Under $10! 0

Vape Pod System is a great option for people who want to get a smooth transition into vaping. It is easy to use, very lightweight and low e-liquid consumption. However, you may be overwhelmed when you try picking up your first Vape kit after you know about its benefits. There are plenty of new models come out every day and the price range is vast. We would like to introduce a few nice vape pod kits that are less than $10. 

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How To Check Your eJuice Expiration Date?

How To Check Your eJuice Expiration Date? 0

“When does e-Juice go bad or expire”? “How long can I store my e-Liquid”? "How to check the expiration date"? These are some of the questions customers frequently ask about their e-Liquid expiration date. Actually, FDA has an official guide to help us fully understand the e-Liquid expiration date.

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What's New of SMOK Stick 80W

What's New of SMOK Stick 80W 0

SMOK released its latest pen-style vape kit, the Stick 80W. As the predecessors, SMOK Stick 80w didn’t change a lot of the general design. You may not find much difference from the Stick V9s, Stick Prince and the classic Stick V8. Let’s review the specifics of all the major SMOK Stick products. 
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How eJuice PG/VG Ratio Impacts Vaping?

How eJuice PG/VG Ratio Impacts Vaping? 0

Ever wonder what the VG/PG ratio stands for that is written on your favorite bottle of e-juice? Choose the best tank type and the right ration to get the balanced flavor and cloud vaping experience 
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SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

SMOK Mico Pod Kit VS Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod 0

A pod vape is the smallest vaping device available currently. Their ultra portability and cute designs make them incredibly popular among users. This article is all about comparing two of the most popular pod systems out there and concluding which one is the best.
The Best 3 Vape Tanks

The Best 3 Vape Tanks 0

If you’re wondering what the absolute top tanks are money can buy, look no further this article has got you. This top three is not in any order, each of the vape tanks in question has their own benefits and costs.

Best Menthol Ejuice For this Summer

Best Menthol Ejuice For this Summer 0

Considering buying e-Liquids now, you will need to decide the flavors firstly, so we will be providing a detailed outlook on some of the best menthol e-liquids that you can consume in the summers, want a Pina-Colada flavored e-juice? We have got you covered!
Kohiba Tobacco Bundle

Kohiba Tobacco Bundle 0

To save your pockets against burning a hole, VproCity had come up with a bundled offer and is known as Kohiba – Tobacco Bundle, comprising of three mind-blowing flavors of Kustard, Blueberry, and Bourbon. Each of the eLiquds in the bundle is of 120ml, so you will get 360ml in total, quite a decent amount.
SMOK Mico Pod System Review

SMOK Mico Pod System Review 0

The days of e-liquid and vaping have continued to soar because with SMOK MICO pod kit you can have a blast, as you relieve that beautiful time of making a sweet smelling puff. It feels good in your mouth, it feels good when you take it into your lungs, and it sure feels good in the air.
What is Suorin Edge Pod System?

What is Suorin Edge Pod System? 0

The Suorin Edge Pod System, a new and exciting pod mod with a cute and nice simplistic design. Which includes high battery life, making you able to vape all day long. And the Suorin Edge Pod System Is also a draw activated pod and has a tank of 1.5ml capacity for vape juice. And a great option for you who Is looking for a tiny and easy to go vape.
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Cookie Twist Review

Cookie Twist Review 0

Cookie Twist is a brand introduced by lemon twist has come up with the new cookie twist strawberry honey graham e-liquid and Banana Oatmeal Cookie. Comparing with similar flavor of e-Liquids with Cookie Twist.
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YoCan Hive 2 Review

YoCan Hive 2 Review 0

If you’re looking for a convenient and user-friendly vaporizer kit, which also at a very affordable price, you need look no further than the YoCan Hive 2.0. It’s just the right size to fit perfectly into your hand, so if you’re keen to vape on the go, its discreet design is the ideal choice.

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Best Naked 100 eJuice Flavors You Must Try!

Best Naked 100 eJuice Flavors You Must Try! 0

If you have been searching for awesome eJuice,
then you’ve got to check out these amazing eJuices by Naked 100!


As vaping increases in popularity, so to do the number of flavors and different eJuices available. To save you a lot of hard work and a whole heap of reading we’ve come up with this awesome review of the best Naked 100 eJuice flavors you must try. To keep it simple we have combined the eJuice flavors into two Naked 100 bundles. You can choose between fresh fruit flavors and delicious traditional menthol eJuices. All the following flavors are available in 60ml bottles and either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg.

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for your loved ones who vape

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for your loved ones who vape 0

The air is starting to get cold and the Christmas holiday season spirit is coming down upon us. New Year’s Day will be right around the corner and our sale has begun! Do not sleep on these crazy deals that we are having and please do not be that one person in the company holiday party or even family holiday party bearing no gifts.

If you have a loved one or someone in mind that already shops at Vprocity Vape Co. that is looking to upgrade, we have some special items for you. Also, if your loved ones are new to the whole idea of vaping or vaping is foreign to them and you really want them to kick the nasty habit of cigarettes, Vprocity Vape Co. also has them covered each step of the way. 

Florida’s Vape Ban & Amendment 9

Florida’s Vape Ban & Amendment 9 0

Amendment 9 combined the of banning both off-shore drilling and indoor vaping into the same proposition.
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Vaper's Guide To Coils That Go Into Sub-Ohm Tanks

Vaper's Guide To Coils That Go Into Sub-Ohm Tanks 0

Tanks have become so popular and they’re so many tanks in the market, all with their own coil system; thus, how can all the new vapers figure out which coil to use?
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Different Tanks That Use The Same Coil System

Different Tanks That Use The Same Coil System 0

A list of popular coil systems and the tanks that they are all compatible with.
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