Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 

Verify Products' Authenticity


SMOK currently uses two authenticity verification systems. One is their traditional 16-digit security code and the other one is their newly launched AB code system. They intend to use the new AB code to gradually replace all the 16-digit codes for better protection of the consumers from counterfeits.

For authenticity verification, go to Smok's support site to check the 16-digit code, or follow the instructions here to verify the AB code, depending on which version of code the packaging box comes with.


There is an anti-false label on the package. Scratch off the correct section in order to see the security code. Then go to Joyetech's support site and enter your security code to check the product's authenticity.


Authenticity verification link


Authenticity verification link


Authenticity verification link


Authenticity verification link


Authenticity verification link

Returns and Warranty

We offer one month limited warranty and one week hassle-free returns on all of our products. Please go to our return and warranty page for the complete policy details.

ShIpping FAQ

Our shipping charge starts from as low as $2.99. Most of the light single items (e.g. coils, batteries) fall into this rate. Please go to our shipping info page for the complete policy details.


Coil Reading Issue

When your mod shows “Ohm too low” or “No atomizer”.

Probable Cause: Faulty coils or defective 510 pins in the mod.


  1. Clean the 510 connection of your mod.
  2. Install the base of the tank and then a new coil, making sure both fit tight. Then install the glass tube with the top piece. 
  3. Make sure that you set the wattage between 110 and 120 watts. If the mod doesn't ask if it is a new or old coil, try taking out the batteries and putting them back in to reset the mod.

If these steps don't work please try updating the device's firmware.

EJuice Spit Back

If the juice spits, that doesn't necessarily mean it's leaking. It's most likely because the coil is cold which will cause juice to spit out of the top mouth piece.

Also, try a different resistance coil.

Tank Leaking

Leaking is a commonly seen issue when tanks and coils are not handled properly.

Case 1: If the leak comes from the airflow holes

Probable Reasons:

  1. The coil is not fit tight enough into the tank.
  2. The coil is burned out so the cotton is no longer usable.
  3. The coil is oversaturated with juice.

Solution: Replace the coil and screw the new coil tight. Fill in the tank to the proper level and let it sit for 30min before vaping.

Case 2: If the leak comes form the glass

Probable Reason: The rubber ring is not sealing well.

Solution: Replace the rubber rings with the spare ones that come with the tank kit.


Note: Do not leave your device laying on its side or in a hot car for long periods of time. This may also cause the juice to leak from the top.

AIO Drip Tip Gets Too Hot

Use the Delrin plastic tip that is included in the kit . If the device itself is getting hot, try a different coil. The 0.5 and 0.6 ohm coils works best in the ego AIO. Also, try not to chain vape with these devices, which will cause it to get warm.

SMOK's Screen Won't Light Up

Vaping with your mod is still possible, but the mod's display doesn't light up.

Probable Cause: Mod is in STEALTH mode. 

Solution: To get out the stealth mode, click the power button 3 times. Use the up and down buttons to select SCR Time. Choose "stealth off" and then long press to confirm the selection.

Vape Tips

Vape 101

Please read our vape 101 blogs to gain a basic understanding of eCigarettes.

Battery Charging Tips

Tip 1: Most mods that take two external batteries that need to be charged on a separate charger that has ports to fit an 18650 battery. This will then be plugged into a wall outlet and will charge the battery efficiently and safely.

Tip 2: Do not charge the batteries through the micro USB that is located on the mod itself, due to the fact that it was not designed to charge 18650 batteries, and thus could be harmful to the batteries.

Choosing The Right TFV8 Baby Coils

Baby Q2 Coil: A dual core coil that will have a nice and smooth flavor taste.

Baby X4 Coil: A quadruple coil that will bring a unique silky taste.

Baby T8 Coil: A 4 parallel coil which comes out to 8 coils total, and it does produce more flavor compared to the other coil options.

Choosing The Right AIO Coils

The different numbers on the coils represent the resistance of the coils. The higher the ohm, weaker the hit (less vape production). A lower ohm would result in a hotter and stronger hit (more vape production). Generally, clapton coils require more wattage.

The recommended coil for the ego AIO is the 0.6 ohm coil. The 0.5 and 1.0 ohm work in that device too, however you need to keep in mind that when you sub-ohm (below 1.0 ohm resistance) you will be using a lot of juice quickly. With that said, if you don't like how fast you go through juice and how hot it gets, I would recommend not using a sub-ohm device and using a device that takes coils 1.0 ohm or more.

Best 18650 Battery for Vaping

The best 18650 battery absolutely depends on what your needs and usage are. Based on a number of quality factors, we created our own list of recommended 18650 batteries for your reference. Read the complete list here.